Luc Shelton


A collection of all of my personal projects, including ones that were developed during my time at university.

Ms. Pac-Man Simulator with AI Agent
Ms. Pac-Man MCTS AI

This was my dissertation project as part of my Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Games Programming (BSc.

SplashScreen v2
Dr. Necro's Time of Death

A team-based project that took 12 weeks to develop, Dr. Necro's Time of Death is a 4 player local twin-stick zombie shooter with cool time manipulating weaponry.

PerlinNoise v4
PSP SDK Perlin Noise FPU Demo

This developed as part of a project for my university degree.

FBX 3D Model Viewer FBX Review Autodesk Google Chrome v2

This library was originally intended to be used for creating a Windows-based content processor for MonoGame for importing and processing FBX assets.

Ant Frenzy
Ant Frenzy

This was a simple top-down 2D shoot-em-up that was developed as part of a project for my University studies.